Financial Planning

Planning is Peace of Mind.  Planning is the Rudder for Your Financial Ship.  Planning is Power.  Planning takes the big questions like “Will I have enough to retire by age 65?” or “Can I really afford this purchase?” and provides real-life answers from which you can make quality decisions.  While you may not like each answer, our goals are to help you minimize hardship, maximize your control and realize your aspirations.

Our approach is first to develop an initial plan to get you on track and then to update your plan as your circumstances and goals change over time.

After the initial planning phase we move into more in depth financial planning by using a unique approach called “mind mapping” to organize, brainstorm, and problem solve the financial issues you face. Through this process you will create your own comprehensive “wealth map” customized to your financial life. The result is a plan that is easier to visualize and better organized to provide the necessary information for making those important life decisions.