Insurance Planning Comparison



Commissions Erode Value

Commissions significantly erode the value of insurance. An 80-90% commission on year-one premiums, plus a ten-year commission trail, can’t help but diminish the value received back by the owner.

Removes up to 90% of The Commission Costs

Fee-only insurance removes up to 90% of the commission cost from the product allowing the owner to pay lower premiums, receive higher income or earnings and a greater death benefit. We also provide full transparency of each policy’s cost structure as each will vary.

Canceling a Policy Can Mean Surrender Charges

Surrender charges greatly limit your ability to make change since the cost of canceling (or exchanging) a whole policy can be prohibitive.

Often Cancelable on Any Day For Zero Charge

Fee-only products are often cancelable on any day for zero charge due to the removal of burdensome commissions.

Commissions Cause Conflicts of Interest

Conflicts of interest caused by those that sell commissionbased insurance products is human and inevitable.

Focus is on Best Outcome For Client

As fiduciaries, our analysis and advice is singularly focused on creating the best and most advantageous outcomes for our clients.

Commissions Limit Choice

Limitations on available policy options and choice from a single-source is typical within the insurance industry.

More Options For Tax-deferred Growth

Our approach offers a robust marketplace of insurance solutions and providers from foundational forms like long-term care, term, whole life insurance, annuities and universal life, to, advanced forms that utilize our collection of long/short hedge managers to create faster, tax-deferred growth with tax-free distributions for your income needs.

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