Whole Life Financial Planning

Whole Life Financial Planning takes you step-by-step, and on your schedule, through a process that secures your financial big picture. We begin by getting to know who you are and how you think. We will ask you to consider topics we know you’ve heard about, and thought about, but haven’t yet gotten around to discussing with a professional. You select the topics you would like to further explore. Some of the topics and related questions are shown below.

Getting to Know You

  • What are your primary financial goals?
  • How do you feel about your current financial situation?
  • What guiding principles or values help you make financial decisions?
  • What is on your financial bucket list to do or accomplish?

Alternative Investments (AIs)

  • What are your concerns relative to market conditions ahead?
  • Is your current portfolio positioned to protect itself from the next recession?
  • What is your understanding and comfort with AIs?
  • What is the optimal role and weighting of AIs within your portfolio?

Impact Investing

  • What is your interest in ethical, environmental or socially responsible investing (SRI)?
  • Must performance be compromised if your values drive your investing?
  • Can Impact investments also defend themselves during recessions?
  • To what degree do you wish to customize your impact investments?

Charitable Giving & Investing

  • Do you desire control over which charitable organization your funds go to?
  • Do you desire control over how your donor funds are invested?
  • Do you desire to maximize income tax deductibility of your donated funds?
  • What are the simplest options for accomplishing all this?

Estate Planning

  • Is there a Kid’s Protection Plan in place for your minor children?
  • Will your estate avoid probate while being kept private?
  • Are you properly positioned to avoid estate tax?
  • Will your heirs inherit your values along with your wealth?

Insurance Planning

  • What are the owner benefits of commission vs. fee-based insurance?
  • What is your family coverage relative to foundational insurance needs?
  • Would tax-free growth & distributions for non-retirement dollars interest you?
  • Is your estate properly positioned to leave your heirs an inheritance?

Let’s Have A Talk

If you’re looking for a safer, more reliable, more productive way to invest along with state-of-the-art tools for impact investing, insurance planning, estate planning and charitable giving, let’s have a talk.

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